Lords and Liars

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Conducted by Resa D

Basic Questions:

Who all is part of the band and what do they play?

Gray Tyson - Vocals/Upright Bass
Jennifer Tyson - Bass/Piano
Kenny Raper - Guitar
Steven Bedford - Drums/Backing Vocals

Where do you hail from?

Rocky Mount, North Carolina

What does your name mean? How did you come up with it?

I am personally fascinated with midevil and Roman Empire era history lore, design, and legends. Our name and most of our imagery was born from that.

How is it that you came to play in the metal scene?

To be honest, we really have not been accepted, as of yet, into any local scene, metal, punk or otherwise. Where as we have metal influences. Our whole catalogue isn't straight Metal. We are really trying an eclectic approach to songwriting, which makes it difficult to pigeon hole us into a genre.

What are some of your influences?

Primus/Slayer/Mr. Bungle/Rush/Tool/Faith No More/The Melvins

What are your goals for the future?

For the year of 2019, we are going to record a new song, titled "Abortion Goo." Also, we hope to shoot a video for the song once it's recorded. Other goals for the year are to hopefully start trying to make our way into Virginia and Tennessee for shows. Also, a collaborative recording that will be addressed in a question below.


It's always awesome to hear that you 'sound like this band' or there are elements in there of a band, what are your thoughts and feelings when you are compared to those bigger names?

Whenever we are compared to our idols (the bands mentioned in previous question #5), we consider it an honor.

Who would you ask to be on an album? Go on tour with you? And why them?

I hope to do a collaborative recording for our song "Cadaver Toe" with a few musicians from my state. Cadaver Toe is a tune that I perform on the electric upright. It was actually Jen's and my freshman effort on songwriting on the electric upright and piano, and I would love to re-record that tune with Matt DellaVecchia (Cello from Infinity Fortress) and Bethany Joy (Violin from The Madd Hatters). They would be my choices for touring as well. All of those groups are fantastic people and musicians, and I would love to hit the road with all of them. If you haven't checked out those groups, they are a couple of North Carolina treasures for sure.

If you could make up your own 10 city stop tour, with money being no object, what cities would it be and why?

No real opinion on the actual cities to be honest. For my job, I must travel a bit, so I, as a front man at least, have kind of gotten some of that need for travel, out of my system. Hotel rooms start to look the same after a while. The one thing I do look forward to in my travels is checking out the local restaurants. Local Cuisine is the absolute best, and it's so refreshing to find things that are not available in my hometown. The only other thing I would say on this topic, is that if I had a choice with tour planning, I would want to see the Grand Canyon. That is a bucket list thing for me.

If Hollywood came to you and said we're making a film of your band, who would play each member and why would you pick those actors/characters?

Gray Tyson - Bruce Willis
Jennifer Tyson - Uma Thurman
Kenny Raper - Robbie Coltrain (as he appeared playing Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies)
Steven Bedford - Brendan Fraser

If your manager or lead front man of the group said, "here is the list of those five cover songs you wanted to do," what songs are on that list
and why?

Fortunate Son - CCR
Seasons In The Abyss - Slayer
Cream Puff War - The Grateful Dead
Subdivisions - Rush
Too Many Puppies - Primus

If you could switch positions in the band, what would you want to be and why? AND if you could play in a major band for one night only, who would it be and why?

I wish I could be the drummer that Steve Bedford is, to be honest. No one else in the band has any fantasies of doing anything other than what they do. I do enjoy practicing multiple instruments, so really, I wish I had the time to learn to play all of the instruments.

What was the first song you ever learned?

Gray - Too Many Puppies
Jen - Killing In The Name
Steve - Like Suicide
Kenny - Seasons In The Abyss

We all know mistakes happen, as no show is ever perfect, but how do you handle them?

The best way to handle live fuck ups, is just to laugh it off, count it out and start it back over. We have all had those moments! It seems like the few times we have fucked up and just acknowledged it, the crowd responded better than if we tried to hide it.

Be it a location or a stadium, what is the one place that is a MUST for you to play and why?

I have no one place to play anymore. I used to say, if there was anywhere, it would be CBGB, but as I know it, that has gone out of business. To be honest, I am just happy for any venue to have us.

Any advice for aspiring musicians/bands?

Expect nothing. Enjoy your time with your friends. The tunes that I have written with my wife and my fellow musicians have given me joy beyond belief, and it has been a joy to see the precision with which all of my band mates have performed their parts. But expect nothing or no accolades. It is what it is. We live in a time where mediocre music reigns supreme. I guess mediocre music has always reigned supreme. I would like to think that Lords and Liars is above, but I guess that is to be decided by the listener. Thank you for giving us a chance.

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